Below are some commonly asked questions and our best answer. Still have questions? E-mail us at info@coosariver.org.

How many people are registered? How many do you expect?

Truth is we don’t know until the day of! Over the last three years, we have averaged 40 anglers per stage. You’ll have to come and compete if you want to find out!

How many people can compete in one boat?

The maximum is 2. Special rules apply to folks with multiple persons in the boat. First, everyone in the boat must be a registered competitor (sorry, you can’t bring someone along just to paddle you around!). Secondly but most importantly, each competitor in the boat competes individually and may only weigh in fish that they caught. You may however share a fish ruler and digital camera.

Can I launch my boat anywhere I want?

As long as it is within the boundary map, yes! You are responsible for driving yourself around to your honey holes throughout the day and getting yourself back to the weigh-in on time.

What if I can’t make it to the Captain’s Meeting Friday night?

You can still fish! In order to skip the Captain’s Meeting, you’ll need to send a $10 donation to Coosa Riverkeeper along with completed copies of waivers to info@coosariver.org. Your unique token word will be e-mailed to you Friday night; you will write your unique word on a piece of paper and it must be displayed in all of your scoring images.

Is there a limit to how many people can compete in one stage (or a full field limit)?

Not exactly! As long as you register online before the deadline (before midnight on the Thursday night before each stage), we’ll make sure we have room for you! BUT if you come to register Friday night and we run out of tokens or some other important item you need to compete then we can’t sign you up – sorry! So do make sure to register online in advance!

7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Jack Taylor

    Do you already know where on the Lake (Logan Martin) will the Weigh In Station ??? I have not fished in any of your past events but look forward to !


  2. David Earnest

    What is the pay scale for the winners? Is it cash or prizes or just bragging rights? If it is cash is it based on the # of participants? Thanks David


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