How it Works

Here’s how this Catch – Photograph – Release contest works. When you land a bass, pull it on your boat, lay it down on the fish ruler and take a picture. When you check in with the judges at the scheduled time, you’ll turn over your photographs and they will determine the winners by scoring each catch. This conservation-focused tournament is judged based on the length of the bass, not the weight. You need to bring your own digital camera and one of the official measuring devices, the Hawg Trough (available for sale or use with deposit at the event – $20).

Your entry gets you:

  • Eligibility to compete for stage prizes and Angler of the Year
  • 1-year membership to Coosa Riverkeeper
*Entry fee seem pricey? This tournament is for charity and proceeds benefit Coosa Riverkeeper.

Check out the Tournament Stages

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