Our Cause

The Coosa Canoe & Kayak Fishing Tournament is a charitable event organized by Coosa Riverkeeper. Coosa Riverkeeper is a citizen-based river conservation group that patrols the river, educates the public and advocates on behalf of the river. We stand up to polluters and the government when their actions are not in the best interest of a healthy river.

The proceeds from this tournament go to the fight for Coosa Riverkeeper’s vision of a fishable, swimmable, drinkable Coosa River in Alabama. Coosa Riverkeeper employs a full time staff and utilizes a diverse tool set, including everything from education and outreach to hard-nosed litigation. We don’t take money from polluters or from the government. We are merely a citizen-based group standing up to defend our right to a clean and healthy river. Learn more at www.coosariver.org.

To date, the Coosa Canoe & Kayak Fishing Tournament series contributed over $10,000 (after expenses) towards Coosa Riverkeeper’s work.